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Foundation Date: Nov 24, 1994
Registration Capital: $1500,000
Staff Number: 110
Factory Area :4600m2
Business scope: development, design, manufacturing, sales of welding jig, fixture and the production line, equipment and related technology consulting services.In support of the Japan International Iron and Taiwan. Next, after ten years of development, Tianjin international iron industry has matured.Fully affirmed the technical level and comprehensive strength has been the industry (including Japan and several major domestic automobile company insiders).Tianjin international iron works, Japan international iron works, Taiwan three home can be in various combinations, undertake different user requirements of the project.As the business continues to expand and open engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and tooling new field equipment, the volume of business is expanding.In 2002 November passed the ISO9001 (2000 version) quality system certification, In October 2012,passed the ISO14001 environment system certification.

Mechanical designers, electrical control most of the designers have 5 years of work experience.With planning and design ability to undertake independent single clamp, hanger, common automatic transmission device of various levels of complexity.In the Japan international iron or set in Taiwan under the guidance of (according to project requirements can be sent as a support) planning and design work can undertake complex production line.
Using INVENTOR (MDT), CATIA, PRO/E, UG as the leading software 3D entity design, and developed on the basis of professional application software and dynamic simulation software.The internal network management, to facilitate the sharing of resources, improve the planning and design work efficiency.
Design standards established a comprehensive system, constantly improve the design level and at the same time, strengthen the schedule management of design project, the corresponding ability improvement.
Since the agency has material welding, car, milling, drilling and other common processing equipment more than 20 Taiwan, CNC machining center, CNC milling machine, CNC cutting machine such as multiple (see list of major equipment).
Outside plant equipment has a good cooperative relationship with:
Large CNC milling machine, machining range: 10000 x 3500;
Import processing center, processing range: 4000 x 2000;
Imported linear cutting machine, accuracy of ± 0.02mm, ± 30 degrees can be cut angle;
Big table of common processing equipment to taiwan.
After years of cooperation (including Japan international iron sent technology plays in the field outside the plant, processing technology, and the main guide) cooperative factory has formed a relationship of mutual trust, interdependence, regardless of quality or delivery is guaranteed.

The large three coordinate measuring machine in Tokyo Trading Co. Ltd. (3000 * 6000), accuracy of ± 0.05;
The large three coordinate measuring machine Beijing nanhanglike of (2000 * 4000), accuracy of ± 0.05;
A Japanese Tokyo trading three portable coordinate measuring machine, accuracy of ± 0.01,
A method such as the United States of America (FARO) portable three coordinate measuring machine, accuracy of ± 0.04,
Multiple digital height gage (Japan, 300 - 1000).
Four sets of three coordinate measuring machines are equipped with dedicated computer software, can automatically read the 3 dimensional data.

After years of development, the comprehensive strength has been continuously improved.In the quality, price, delivery time and the after sale service can provide products to meet customer requirements is our eternal goal.
The Tianjin international iron main clients list.

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